Frankie Hanesbearry

Frankie is a native Sacramentan of Okinawan and Northern European ancestry and has lived most of her life in Sacramento except for a five-year period in San Felipe, Baja California. Very early in life, she was exposed to other cultures through the National Geographic magazines her mother subscribed to and this began a life-long interest in comparative mythologies and the cultural practices of indigenous people.
She is fascinated by ancient figurines and the folk art traditions from many parts of the world. This interest also includes music, traditional dress, spiritual practices and dance. Much of her art, particularly the sculptures, tell stories about human strengths and flaws. Some of the work is reflective. Some of it is just plain silly. If the work touches you in some way, maybe she’s done her job. Making something from nothing is like birthing. Whatever comes out of her overactive mind is a gift from the universe, and she feels pretty lucky to be on this creative journey.

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