Franceska Gamez

Born in Manila and raised in the Bay Area, Franceska Gamez now currently resides in Sacramento where she practices in mixed media sculptures and mural painting. Upon receiving her degree in Fine Art at California State University Sacramento, she has continued to dedicate full time to her trade. Her willful practice in the arts have led to dynamic bouts in installation, carpentry, writing, curation, art conservation, and project management. She has existing murals throughout California, Washington DC, as well as overseas- Bali, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. Along with being a full-time artist, she is currently the co-founder of 1810 Gallery and member of M5 Arts Collective. Gamez uses both organizations to further drive her passion in the arts and advocate for artists like herself. She has worked with clients including the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, California Faculty Association, Greenpeace DC, The California Auto Museum, Asian American Women Artists Association, San Francisco Arts Commission, Covered California, Planned Parenthood, and The California Rice Commission.

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