Frances Wright

Frances Wright is Sacramento based accessories and clothing designer who is known as the woman behind ‘The Queen’s Chair’ brand of exceptional, oversized handbags, made of distinctive textiles and fabrics sourced from across the world. Frances grew up as a military brat. Her father was in the Air Force and she grew up influenced by him, confident and caring. She loved to help out her father with his paperwork whenever possible. In the process, she learned a lot of things like typing on a manual typewriter which she likened to playing the piano.
She used to go to the army base with her mother and play and type on the typewriter there. Having typed on a manual typewriter, her transition to a wordprocessor was quick and she was typing over 100 words per minute, playing over the keyboard like she was playing the piano. She always wanted to play the piano and still does but she’s not able to train herself to do so. Frances was born at the Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii. Before she was born, her parents lived off base, but once she was born, they moved to live permanently at the base. Recently, she returned to Hawaii and went to the base to relive those memories of living there.
Her dad came to Sacramento, California in 1968 to be posted at the McClellan Air Force base from where he retired as a Master Sergeant in 1972, so she did not get to travel much despite being a military brat. The discipline she learned while living with her father developed the sense of integrity and respect towards the others in her. Living at the base made her realize that she had to conform to the structured and disciplined way of life that was expected of her, being a military brat. Even at the age of ‘53, she hasn’t let go of that discipline, which shows in the way she interacts with the others.
She is structural, personal and outgoing, but at the same time, she is also respectful. She gives the credit for this to her father, who made her the disciplined, structured woman that she is now. Frances wears a lot of hats, dealing with people and people are important to her. She cares about people and what they feel and say, putting them before herself. When she does something, she is not doing it for herself. When she meets you, she is meeting everybody else who knows you and she is quick at making friends. Frances grew up watching her mother sew on the sewing machine, so instead of playing out with other kids, she too, played on the sewing machine, designing patterns out of newspapers and paper bags. She was also a part of the girl scout brownies, so a lot of these activities came to her naturally.
Her inspiration to create useful stuff came from her Godmother who was very creative and did wonders with her sewing machine, creating suits, hats, bags etc. using fabric or leather. Having lived in Japan for a long time, she would modify the look of her house every season, even freshly upholstering the entire furniture. It was while helping out her Godmother, that Frances learned to work on leather. It was from her indomitable spirit and will to do something different, that Queen’s Chair was born in 2014. Frances’ husband’s friend is from Africa and always calls her Queen and the name ‘Queen’s Chair’ was an inspiration that arose out of knowing that she was going to do something big with her life. The word Queen echoes ‘integrity’ and how she carries herself. She feels that the Queen’s Chair is an empowering chair that will empower anyone who is in that chair. She never wanted to focus on just one thing as the world is not focused on one thing alone. Philanthropy is just another hat that she puts on from time to time to help the community she is living and working in. She wants to work for the new generation that is coming up and the homeless, domestic violence victims and other community-related issues that she can help with. When she designs the bags, they are designed as an accessory that complete a woman. She always likes different styles of bags and has a real passion for vintage. The big bags that she designs, compensate for her being tall and slim. Away from all the hats she wears, Frances is a loving, caring and passionate type of a person.

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