Evon Biondi

Evon BiondiEvon Biondi Art Photography is a study in color, shape, texture and emotion. All pieces are originals created by Evon. A sophisticated synergy of art and photography; Evon’s work draws a varied client base. Her time consuming design process saturates her work with passion & spirit. It usually starts with a spark, a vision…after which she spends hours photographing life…moments…color…It’s a journey that starts with her client’s inspiration.
She specializes in large format installations; infusing her original art photography into sheet metal. Her work is also available on acrylic, canvas & photo paper. She works closely with each client – molding their vision into a cohesive collection of art photography for Commercial spaces, Healthcare, Hospitality & High End Residential.
The process Evon employs is a synergistic collision of art and photography. She is a photographer at her core…she then takes the images and push them further artistically to create original pieces of art in a large scale format. Most pieces are about 3’ x 6’ but can be smaller as well…to fit the project and space. The pieces are ideal for commercial spaces, hospitality, healthcare, hair salons & high end residential spaces that need unique, large scale art to bring the space to life. She has an extensive portfolio of images to choose from for your space as well as being able to create original pieces that capture her clients’ vision.
She works with architects, interior designers, property managers, art collectors and individuals who simply want unique art to compliment their home. Most of her pieces are created by heat infusing dyes from the image directly into elegant lightweight sheets of aluminum. As one piece of art or as mosaics hung as one cohesive, vibrant piece of art. She can also offer her art on photo paper, canvas and sometimes, depending on the image, acrylic.

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