Emilee Rudd

Emilee RuddEmilee is currently located in Northern California and is a multidisciplinary creative who believes that inspiration lies on the confluence of art and design. She utilizes a professional background of various mediums and techniques to develop a unique creative solution to every client’s needs. With a passion for historical reference and experimental methodology, she enjoys a wide range of creative challenges to tackle. She loves nothing more than to work with a client to achieve a personalized and impactful solution to their brand or project’s needs. In her free time you’ll find her wandering The Great Outdoors in search of new flora to catalogue, or with her nose happily buried in historical typographic manuscripts, a hot cup of coffee nearby. Emilee Rudd is currently in her hometown of Sacramento, CA. She specializes in branding, packaging, signage, and lettering. She also accepts fine art and commission requests.

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