Edemia Dance was born in Mexico City, Mexico.She found her passion to become a Professional Dancer at an early age. She began as a Folkloric Ballet Dancer at the age of six. Edemia performed at schools during her first year, nd she was picked to be in many traditional events in Mexico City by the age of seven.Curious about not just one form, she studied the dance forms of Salsa and Cumbia. At the age of seventeen, Edemia was teaching classes and choreographing for various events. She won first place in latino Salsa Dance.As her passion for dance continued, she wanted to learn even more forms of dance.Edemia follow her dreams and move to Sacramento, California and seek out new experiences and a new art of dance. Upon discovering the beautiful art of Middle Eastern Style of Belly Dance.Edemia is a very accomplished dancer who has participated in many events, and restaurants all over California. She dances with Fan veils, Cane, Sword, and Candelabra. She is a house dancer of Kasbah Lounge.

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