Dug Stanat

My name is Dug Stanat and I am a sculptor.
I love creatures, characters, monsters, and spirits. I like to think of each of my sculptures as a glimpse into an untold story, with the task of completion left to the viewer. I hope that viewing my work leads you into a little daydream.
Most of my work comes in two flavors, mixed media and ceramic.
I have been creating mixed media sculptures since the early 90s. I enjoy mixed media sculpture for the exploration of materials and range of possibilities. Experimentation is the soul of mixed media; there are always surprises to be found if one is willing to play. And with a world of materials available, almost any composition the artist can imagine is possible.
My mixed media pieces usually are built upon a plywood base and wire armature, sculpted with epoxy putty, and finished with clothing and textures constructed with cloth and other pourus material saturated with acrylic. I paint with acyrlics. Other common materials include wood, rocks, sand, metal foil, sheet metal, paper, and ectoplasm. A metal threaded hole (1/4″ t-nut) embedded in the base makes them easy to transport.
In 2013 I began working with ceramics. I enjoy the sculpting qualities of water based clay, how it holds texture, and the excitement of turning mud into rock. I relish the connections one makes when working with clay: to the past (as you repeat a process practiced for thousands of years), the future (as once fired, a piece can last thousands of years), to science (oh, the wonders ceramicists have discovered and the magic they achieve with chemistry), and to the earth (from where the clay comes).
Most of my ceramic work is stoneware clay fired in an electric kiln to cone 5 (I usually use Venus White from Clay Planet). The finishes are not paint, but rather traditional kiln treatments melted onto the clay at 2100º F. The majority of these treatments are simple homemade oxide washes of iron, manganese, rutile, copper, cobalt, chromium, etc, although I also use some commercial products, such as AMACO’s Velvet underglazes).
I began sculpting seriously in the early 90s, showing my work in galleries throughout Northern California.
In the late 90s I was struck with a desire to make my sculpture move. My focus shifted from physical sculpture to 3D computer animation and in 2002 I began work as a character technical director (digital puppet maker) at PDI/Dreamworks. My movie credits include How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2, Rise of the Guardians, Shrek 2 & 3, Madagascar 1 & 2, and The Bee Movie.
After twelve years at Dreamworks my interest has shifted back to physical sculpture and I now call myself an independent sculptor once again. My work can be seen and purchased online, at conventions, and in art galleries, and has been featured in various publications, including the Spectrum and IBA fantasy art annuals. I live with my wonderful family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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