Dream In Red

Condor Sruises

Somewhere between The Clash & Queen, between Muse & Meatloaf, between U2 and Rammstein… well, you get the idea.” Dream In Red is an alternative-rock band that mixes styles from across the history of music, from song to song. Powerful vocals, rich, layered guitars, synths and piano and a heavy sense of the dramatic.
Dream In Red is a much-needed shot of excitement in the arm of today’s musical landscape.Founded in 2014 by Erie & Crash, former members of the once-viciously-popular band Luxt, winner of 3 Sammies & a Sammies Hall of Fame award, with the idea that SONGS were the most important part of a great band, and that hooky, catchy and melodic songwriting was going to be the basis for everything else the band would do.
Over the next two years, they were joined by like-minded and phenomenally talented musicians with the capability to play many different genres and styles of music, switching from song to song, and sometimes, several times within each song. The end product has become a labor of love that continues to pleasantly surprise the band, as well as a growing and rabid number of new fans every day.

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