Douglas Keliiheleua Kleinsmith

Douglas Keliiheleua Kleinsmith is an artist and muralist based out of Davis, CA. He currently works as a freelance muralist and exhibits his fine art throughout the West Coast. His personal work explores process art, investigating trans-humanism, visual perception, and the connection between the creative process and consciousness.
His approach to painting focuses on the separation of conscious and unconscious decisions, utilizing and examining the interplay between the two in order to create visual imagery.
His work has shown in galleries throughout California, such as The Pence, Placer Arts, University Union, Gallery 625 and Kennedy Gallery. His paintings have received significant attention in the Transformational Festival community, and he has been commissioned to display his work and live paint at over twelve nationally recognized festivals including Lightning in a Bottle, Sonic Bloom, and Lucidity. To date, he has painted over 30 murals throughout Placer and Yolo County in a variety of public and private settings.

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