Daniel Mandel

Life before… August of 2004 Daniel assembled his home studio and September of 2005 had completed his first independent release MIGHT BE YOU. In 2006 and together with the collaborative guidance of Nancy Spanier and Paul Oertel created an acoustic solo performance based on his songs called Brave Open Love that premiered in Oakland, and presented at the Boulder Fringe Festival. 2007 Daniel joined the ASCAP. 2008 Daniel released his CD, entitled Jongleur! In 2011 Daniel created a two person performance called Running Out of Boxes that premiered at the Rogue festival in Fresno, CA.
Enlightened Madness formed in 2012. This project is the result of the long standing collaboration between Daniel Mandel’s songwriting and S. Henry McCoy’s vocal harmonies and vocal arrangements. They have discovered some real magic focusing on presenting this material as an acoustic duo. The highlight of their live performances was their 2012 appearance at the Copenhagen Songwriters Festival in Denmark in August of 2012. The resulting album released Jan 1, 2014 ‘Enlightened Madness’ is filled with a variety of collaborations with excellent musicians both local to the San Francisco Bay area and across the world. Enlightened Madness continues on as a recording project. 2016 Daniel continues his co-writing with a series of songs with lyricist poets, Rachel Amey, Giulio Vanzan, and brother Mark Mandel. Enlightened Madness gets a ground up makeover with Alan Stonebraker on pedal steel and Derrick Clark on sax.

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