Colleen Mitchell-Veyna


Colleen Mitchell-Veyna was born in Tulare, California. Her early years were spent on her parent’s walnut ranch while learning and painting. Later she attended and graduated from Fresno State University acquiring a BA in Liberal Studies. During this time Colleen stayed quite active in the arts by competing in art shows and competitions. In 1995 her first child Brice was born and her first mural painted in Exeter California. Her second child Eileen was born in 1997 and more and more murals followed. Since then Colleen’s primary venue has been murals while completing fine art paintings also. To date she has completed more than 200 murals.
Some of her murals can be seen in publications such as “Large Art In Small Places” discovering the California Mural Towns, and “Mural Art Vol.2” Murals On Huge Public Surfaces Around the World. From Graffiti to Trompe I’oeil

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