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Designer Frances Wright’s connection with Sacramento Fashion Week began with another designer asking to collaborate with her during Sacramento Fashion Week 2012. Frances designed jewelry and handbags just for her collection that year. The second year, she did it again and in 2014, Frances finally launched her own collection as she felt that people needed to know the depth of her designs. Earlier, people had seen her bags but hadn’t realized the full potential of her designs. A couple of friends of hers gave her the idea of creating a new fashion event that was to take place at the CalExpo Rodeo to spread awareness about sex trafficking.
It was then that she came up with the name ‘Cinderella Night Under The Stars’, which was a beautiful way to cast light on a subject so horrific. The first Cinderella Night Under The Stars was held in 2016 against Sex trafficking and this year, the event plans to draw attention to domestic violence. Frances collaborates with Maisha Bahati this year, both designers with a passion for helping people and the community. The event serves as an inspiration to those going through the physical and mental abuse of domestic violence, offering guidance on what to do and where to go if facing domestic violence.
There will be celebrity speakers who will discuss the subject of domestic violence. According to Frances, in Sacramento, there are a lot of men, women, and children who have gone through domestic violence and abuse and a lot of kids still watch one of their parents go through domestic violence. Domestic violence is a menace which is unacceptable but unfortunately, a reality in today’s scenario. There’s a woman who is coming from Los Angeles to participate in this event whose daughter was killed by her boyfriend. The woman herself had gone through domestic violence and her daughter suffered through the same cycle, so Frances means to sit with that woman’s grandchildren to educate them to look for the signs of domestic violence in their household so that they don’t have to go through the same.
This years event will be presented to you on 7th April at a location in West Sacramento that sets the atmosphere of the night still under the stars but in an indoor setting created by Celebrations Party Rental of Sacramento. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to WEAVE (Women Escaping A Violent Environment).

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