As a child, I have always had happy feet, as I like to say. A song I like comes on and it’s hard not to move. My parents discovered this and enrolled me in ballet in first grade, and while I no longer hold on to my ballerina roots, I have always been open to studying new dance forms! I have taken hip hop, Kizomba, and salsa before discovering that my true passion lies with belly dance. It has always fascinated me, but I was hesitant to start lessons, until I saw a video of Shakira that sealed the deal. Initially, I started the dance to increase my fitness levels, and to keep my body moving artistically. However, my teacher discovered my talent and started booking me restaurant gigs early on. While I do not make a career out of belly dance, I promised myself that I won’t accept a job that does not allow me to keep up with my passion. Half of the time, you will see me performing in a costume that I have made. This talent I wouldn’t have discovered had I not taken my first lesson. Belly dance has opened so many doors artistically, personally, and spiritually, and aided my physical fitness in a tremendous way. I am extremely thankful to have the da

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