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We met in 2006 and quickly became pals over cooking, Star Wars, and of course, photography. Fast-forward 13 years and we’re still best friends who enjoy riding bikes, drinking coffee, or making each other laugh with bad jokes. Being creative and running a small business is hard work but sharing that with a close friend makes a big difference. We both bring different ideas to the table and together we motivate one another to keep pushing and learning.
We love what we do! Over the past 13 years, we’ve documented countless weddings and have photographed families, local artists, high school seniors, and small business owners. That’s a lot of photos!
“Over 12 years ago I found photography and I love/lust for that thing. I think about it every single day, I do it every single day. I shoot with my phone, digital SLR, 35 and 120 film cameras, and now my large format 4×5. I love having my own business and capturing moments that mean so much to people. In my spare time, I love traveling with my kids and getting lost in moments. Ask me what I am and I will say I’m a father and a professional photographer. If you see me out in the world I’ll give you a warm smile and probably a high five.”
Christian is based in Oakland, CA and shoots weddings and portraits throughout the Bay Area.
“I’ve been taking photos since I was a teenager in middle school. My junior high had a darkroom where I took blurry dog photos on my dad’s old film camera. Practice makes perfect! in 2006, I met Christian and we launched our small business. It’s been one of the most rewarding, challenging, and positive things I’ve ever done. In 2018, I moved to Portland to be near family and watch my niece and nephews grow up. In my free time, I ride my bike to far away places, collect plants, and make pizza.” Chris is based in Portland, OR and shoots weddings and portraits in both the Pacific Northwest and California.

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