Brandy Robinson


Brandy Robinson is a seasoned underground talent that has been making her mark for over 10 years! She creates a style that is all her own with irresistible melodies, funky guitar riffs, and powerful, soulful vocals. She brings you into a vivid world with her music. Originally from Knoxville, TN, Brandy has found her home in Northern California. You can hear the Southern soul meets California independent spirit in the music she creates. Brandy has many notable appearances at festivals like Bonnaroo, but she can also pack a bars dance floor or have you on the edge of her words in an intimate listening room setting.
Brandy has 3 albums out on her own record label, GuitarMama Records. Midnight Mockingbird, her newest EP, was produced and enginnered by David Davis of East West Studios in Hollywood, CA. Brandy has been working on new music and playing shows all over Northern California with her band Brandy Robinson & Midnight Sol. She is on Spotify and iTunes as well as all social media platforms.

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