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Beloved, formerly known as Nyoko Bless, was born in Japan on a military base and moved to California at the age of 3. She started singing at the age of 3 years old. Beloved was a part of a group at the age of 11, called Perfect Praise. This was a gospel rap group who sang at local events around their community. She has always been interested in creating things, along with sounds and lyrics for music. Singing and writing has always been a passion of hers from a very young age.
Formerly in a Christian choir at Liberty Fellowship, Beloved performed solos at her hometown church and was also involved with events held for the children; wanting to make a difference in their lives. They are one of her main focuses and motivations for pursuing her career. One of her ultimate goals is to help those in need, which are victims of poverty stricken areas.
Beloved likes to use metaphors to help paint pictures of the music and bring it alive. She will use something as small as a butterfly to something as big as the country of Japan. As long as the portrait is painted and/or the message is received. She works with a very talented producer by the name of jaesevenz, and when they come together, anything can happen, and the magic “just happens”.
She does not discriminate when it comes to genres. With some songs having an RnB feel, and some showing the neo soul side of her. She loves the Lord and is not afraid to throw a gospel song in the mix to show it. She believes that you should go with the feeling and take everything as it comes, while having a plan at the same time. The plan for her music is to express herself, and she is able to do that with different genres of music styles. She does not put herself inside of a box or put a label on herself. “If it sounds good it just sounds good.” with that being said, In the music industry today, most would describe the style of music as “electronic”.
We all know that the higher the call, the harder the fight, and she has been through a lot of trials and setbacks but kept going with the music. Beloved Has released her new EP titled “Supernova” and recently Married Oche Jackson of the famous jackson family.

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