Ava Lemert


Born in Covina, California, Ava Lemert began singing her made-up songs into her sister’s tape recorder before she started Kindergarten. Eventually, Ava was her High School’s first underclassman — as well as the first female— Drum Major.
After attending the University of Southern California, Ava struck out into the workforce. Music wasn’t a part of her busy life until 2005, when as a mother of a 3 year old son, she re-learned how to read sheet music so she could play her dusty saxophone again in a community marching band.
From there, she got the fever to perform and write again, and now, Ava is breaking new ground for herself in music, reaching beyond what her early successes could have possibly predicted. In 2017, Ava’s music received Grammy consideration in three categories, and she has been elected to the International Alliance for Women in Music’s Board of Directors for 2018-2020.
With a versatile voice and a dazzling tenor saxophone, Ava’s signature blend of expressive performances has earned her the moniker of “the Singing Saxstress.” The music she creates is powerful at times, vulnerable at others, a variety of instrumental and vocal features in many styles.
In 2017, Ava set a new milestone, releasing two full-length albums of mostly original material, I’m In Love released on Valentine’s Day and her latest, 8th album, Smooth Sippin’ on September 19th.

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