Ashely Josephine Foreman

Ashely Josephine ForemanFrom a young age Ashely’s parents encouraged her already abundant creativity as a method of assisting her human and spiritual development. At age 15, she began painting in response to the conflict between her internal and external environment, and as a means for internal exploration. She attended Placer High School, in Auburn CA., where she studied animation, 2d art, ceramics, and poetry, and received the Jeanne Coppedge Joye Memorial Art Scholarship upon graduating. She attended Humboldt State University in Arcata CA., where the natural beauty and power of the land continued to influence her work and personal explorations.
She took a leave of absence in 2010 to travel, attend music festivals, and study the mischtechnik with the students of Ernst Fuchs, Laurence Caruana & Amanda Sage, in Torre, Italy.
Primarily a painter, she also studied graphic design, and photography, graduating in 2011 with a BA in Studio Art. She is currently living in Nevada City, CA. where she works freelance in a variety of different fields, including painting, digital illustration, graphics & websites, teaching, and tattoo. Art has become a method for hacking her inner firewall, helping her to feel normal and process the experience of being both human and spirit. Making her art has granted her gradual access to a more integrated and multidimensional reality. She thinks the most powerful thing we can accomplish with our work is to inspire each other to accept responsibility for the liberation of oneself from the social conditioning of previous generations and the prevailing ignorance of our cultural story; to dismantle who we were falsely taught that we are and find the unique creative identity within. Her intention for her work, beyond personal healing, is to reflect a simple Truth — That the Universe is made of a profound Love beyond human categories, and that inter-collectively, we are One Being, One Consciousness.

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