Arielle J Birdsong

She is most passionate –her love for music! Arielle, an aspiring R&B singer & songwriter grew up in the Midwest- Wichita, KS where she demonstrated early on her desire to perform, she is determined to make her mark in the genre that has launched many enviable careers. During Arielle’s elementary & high school years, she engaged in a plethora of musical activities; weekly voice lessons, varsity choirs, madrigals, classical honor choirs, women’s ensemble and high school plays. Arielle was a sought out soloist at various engagements including performances at sports events, singing the National Anthem; pep rallies. Arielle would go on to participate at the local community theatre in the production of Lady Sings The Blues and Fortinbras to name a few. As with many ambitious and established R&B artists, the church has been and continues to be “the hub” for burgeoning talent. Arielle relays “church was and is the place where I saw from an early age you can connect with people in an authentic way through music, I desire to connect with people in that way through my music. From the age of 10 Arielle was active in church choirs and groups. From angelic kids choir to youth and adult mass choirs and ensembles. She also participated in countless church plays and musicals’ singing numerous solos and youth praise team leader until leaving her hometown for college. Arielle received a vocal music scholarship to Emporia State University where she was also the only African American student in the varsity Acapella choir. While matriculating at Emporia State University, Arielle continued in vocal lessons and during this time, one of the most notable highlights with the university choir was a trip to New York City and perform at Carnegie hall. After receiving her associates degree Arielle went back to Wichita and resumed performing locally at her church as well as at community events. Last summer, Arielle participated in the month long off- Broadway play Disney’s The Lion King as a background singer. Currently, Arielle resides just outside of San Francisco. And is preparing for her monthly shows….. After releasing her first ep and getting over 70k downloads arielle is seeking a label. I am so excited about my future, I’ve been given a beautiful gift to sing, I look forward to sharing my music and empowering young people to live their very best life.

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