Angela Tannehill

Angela TannehillAngela is a mixed-media artist and graphic designer based in Sacramento, California. She is a self-employed “designer for do-gooders”, providing services primarily to local non-profit organizations. A notable client, 916 Ink, is an organization devoted to empowering at-risk youth with the gift of self-expression through writing. In addition to designing 100 books, she has served as a board member and continue to donate her time to this worthy cause. What does it mean? She hears this a lot. The truth is, she often doesn’t know until months after a piece is finished. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the relevance of the symbolism to her life will hit her—the way suddenly a dream you had forever ago will make perfect sense.
Like many other artists, she doesn’t feel entirely responsible for the worlds depicted in my art. Like Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book, Big Magic, “The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” These are what she has found so far. She is grateful she could find some worth sharing, and just as grateful for the many (many) that weren’t.
So, she’ll leave the meaning up to you. Like any good tarot deck, horoscope, or dream interpretation, what matters is what you see. Most of her work is created using public domain images released from sources such as libraries and museums which she prints using archival papers and ink. She applies them to cradled panel board that is often painted with acrylic paint using fluid matte medium. This is topped with some paint for shading and highlights and then a few coats of a UV protectant polyurethane.

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