Amy Streit

Owner Amy Streit has always been a maker.
She has studied all mediums of art formally at University of Oregon, Parsons School of Design in Paris, France, and Humboldt State University. She had apprenticed at a stained glass studio for a year or so before she went on to study in Paris where the cathedrals and glass of the cities really had a lasting impact of how powerful playing with light could be. She then apprenticed with a different stained glass craftsman for years honing her skills.
Glass can truly enhance the beauty in our lives. Glass can really open a room up or give one a great sense of privacy. Glass can dress up your cabinets or even be a window hanging as an art piece. You dream it, glass can probably do it.
Amy also feels very strongly about resoration and repair. She LOVES to fix what is broken! From minor repair to a complete overhaul. Stained glass panels see natural wear anywhere from 60-100 years, or if you have children MUCH faster than that!. There are so many beautiful glass panels out there that can be saved. The crafstmanship from our past is outstanding and Amy loves to honor the work. Amy would love to help you preserve our history or create your own story.


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