According to Bazooka

A2B’s vibrant indie-folk-pop infused sound blurs the lines of rock, folk, blues, country and zydeco. Their lively show features well-crafted tunes and irresistible “retro-pop” melodies. Singing about life’s travels, relationships and reappraisals, this roots quartet has a vintage vibe, lush harmonies and a distinctively California flavor!
According to Bazooka presents listeners with lively and melodic songwriting that is comfortable living along the edges of genre definitions. Their neo folk stylings have A2B nominated for a second year in a row for a News & Review Sacramento Music Award (SAMMIES) for “folk/bluegrass”. This year adds a second nomination for band member Richard Urbino for “singer-songwriter”.The folk genre only begins to describe A2B’s unique style. Textures of archtop guitar and accordion, upright bass, drums and lush harmonies manifest into vibrant original music that travels beyond its folk roots. Based out of Davis, A2B is known for its catchy melodies, honest lyrics and upbeat show. With songs that recall 1960s pop and folk-rock, these inviting tunes take listeners on playful journeys and relatable tales of everyday humanity. It’s a charismatic world of well-crafted music that draws from rock and roll, blues, country, zydeco and beyond. With visible enjoyment for what they do, these four band mates groove together as one to create irresistible musical interplay.
According to Bazooka features Richard urbino (guitar, vocals), René Martucci (accordion, vocals), Jamie Knapp (upright Bass, vocals) Don Johnston (drums, percussion)
According to Bazooka celebrates two album releases and has a third to debut in April 2019. Both their 2017 & 2019 albums are produced by Sac Pop talent David Houston and recorded at Moon Studio in Sacramento. A2B’s 2015 album debut “Easy Come, Easy Go” was recorded in Dixon at Foxtail Sound. Both albums share many delightful surprises. CDs are available at iTunes, CDbaby, Spotify, Bandcamp and more.


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