Veronica Moore


My artistic passion finds expression in working with my hands. Jewelry has given form to my vision, which finds expression in the medium of wire sculpture. Wire sculpture is an ancient art and the oldest form of jewelry-making. Wire-wound jewelry is an expression which comes from direct contact with the gems and metals, an intimate and close collaboration where the intrinsic beauty of the materials is given form by the guidance and movement of my hands.
My influences are to be found in nature, in the fantastic, in all things hand shaped. I try to find the magic of creative accidents. gems, and stones. As with trees and snowflakes which have the same form but are unique, each piece I craft, even those embodying the same design, have unique character and distinctive facets.
I studied the art of wire work under the tutelage of master wire sculptors Preston Reuther, Dale Armstrong and Gisela Von Eicken. They shared with me their craft, providing invaluable skills in this classic art form to find my own artistic vision, and present my own line of unique pieces of jewelry.
My work has been profiled in Elle, W Magazine and Paper, and I was thrilled to have my jewelry featured on the NBC show ‘Lipstick Jungle’, starring Brooke Shields, Kim Raver, and Lindsay Price. Most recently, Veronica Moore’s creations were worn by Marisa Monte in a recent portrait by the celebrated Italian artist Francesco Clemente [pictured].
I was born in Washington DC and raised in Reno, Nevada. At an early age, my grandmother Margaret, who was my greatest creative influence, taught me to knit and crochet, and find enjoyment in creating beautiful things with my hands. At the University of Reno, I majored in drama and English literature and had wide-ranging interests. I have a deep and abiding affinity for horses and riding, and in my youth I was Nevada state barrel racing champion.
In my twenties, I went on a hajj to New York, at that time in many ways the mecca for fashion and art. I worked as a makeup artist and stylist, looking for an outlet to my artistic urge. I have designed and produced three Folies Bergère style shows and landed on the cover of a Tom Jones CD, The Lead and How to Swing It, photographed by David LaChapelle. Living in New York has tempered me, and like the metals which are my medium, this has added luster and a unique patina!

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