Truckee River Band


The Truckee River Band was born in the fall of 2009. Lead Guitarist “Sparky” had to come up with a band name for his upcoming Fall Recital. He was with his mother (Leslie) and brother (Cliff the Black Hat Gringo) overlooking the Truckee River, and he blurted out, “Truckee River Band”. That year he brought down the house with, “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, a song that remains with him to this day.
Lead vocalist/drummer “Shadow” is a skate park friend of “Sparky”. He would often bring his guitar to the skate park and perform for everybody. Already having skateboarding in common, the duo started having “jam sessions” at each others houses, and drawing mini audiences of neighbors. Always receiving praises for their abilities at such a young age.
Bassist/Percussionist Cliff the Black Hat Gringo joined the band in October 2010. Originally being a trumpet player, he had to learn the fret board pretty quickly. It came natural to him though, because as he says, “Music is music. There’s just different forms of it”. He brings with him a vast knowledge of music theory and performance experience. With this knowledge and experience, he helps his younger band mates further themselves as musicians.
The Truckee River Band can be seen regularly throughout the Reno/Sparks area. They perform at the various “open mics” and local clubs. Not only to gain recognition, but also to build a fan base. The Truckee River Band was featured in the “Reno, News & Review” (published 5-19-11). As Brad Bynum said, “The Truckee River Band,……is not a typical Reno rock band”.

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