Susan Koppel

Susan Koppel has always loved photography. She was about five years old when she got her first camera, a little Kodak Instamatic. She started taking pictures and has never lost her love for photography, even though school and career got in the way. The advent of digital photography and Photoshop has turned a lifelong love into a passion. Her first passion was aviation. She started flying at 14, and became a commercial pilot and flight instructor at 18. She studied aeronautical engineering in college and worked in the aerospace industry full-time until 1999. Then, Susan moved back to Reno and started consulting part-time for various aviation interests and finally was able to get back into photography. Now, Susan lives in Reno with her husband, Gary, who is a retired 747 captain for Korean Air Lines. Their family also consists of three cats – our ragdolls, Sophie and Juno; their chubby rescue, Jasper, and various outdoor feral cats. Today she pursued both her passions – photography and a love for animals. She started her pet photography business in 2013. She also volunteers as an animal keeper and photographer at Animal Ark wildlife sanctuary north of Reno, and as a photographer for the Nevada Humane Society.
Susan Koppel really enjoys all types of photography – from animals to travel, sports to wildlife, people, portraits and events. She would love to photograph any pets – People treasure their pets, as much as their children, but often do not take the time to get professional portraits taken. One may contact Susan Koppel to make some great memories for their whole family, both the two-legged and four-legged members!

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