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Starting in 1999 by Kat Wilson and Mark Ishikawa, Pocket City Band has been committed to being a guitar-heavy, rock and soul band, creating great memories through music and audience’s personalized experience.
Kat Wilson came to Reno from Minneapolis, where she toured with the bands Kidd Blitz and Sister Max. She has recorded at Prince’s Paisley Park over the years, most notably with Norwegian band, A-ha, and blues cat, Bernard Allison. Kat was also Reno/Tahoe Fun & Gaming Female Vocalist of the year in 1994, after which she toured with Steel Breeze and Vamp.
Mark Ishikawa came to the are from Hawaii, by way of California. Mark is a soulful keyboardist with much recording & performance experience. One of his most recognized mixing projects was the song “Endless Love” with Lionel Rickie and Diana Ross. Mark taught himself how to play keyboards as a young boy, when he hooked up his mother’s hairdryer to an accordion… He’s never been the same.
Guitarist, Dan McGinty, started playing guitar as a teen, after listening to Jimi Hendrix “Are You Experienced?” He has studied many of the great blues players; Clapton, Beck, and Ray Buchannon, and in recent years finds himself inspired by Robben Ford and Chris Cain. Over the years, Dan has played many styles, but always finds himself most at home with the blues.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Len Campanaro’s drumming has been influenced by John Bonham and Stax legend, Al Jackson. Touring since the age of 17, he has provided percussive excellence for Randy California of Spirit, Bandfinger and Iron Butterfly. A Warner Brothers recording project, produced by Eddie Van Halen, brought Len’s band, Private Life, out on the road for many tour dates with Van Halen on their OU812 tour.
Bassist, Jerry Spikula, originally from Castro Valley, California, has been a Reno favorite for years. He spends his time between live performance, recording & producing music, commercials, etc at Abby West Recording. Jerry plays all styles, but truly shines when he’s playing funk.
The album, “The Lowdown, High-Rate, Credit Card Blues,” can be found on Reverbnation.

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