Nicole Narváez


As long as I can remember every media of art has been of highest interest and importance to me. Growing up with an incredibly talented and creative artist for a mother has always inspired me. All of my creations of art drive me as a person and truly keep me sane. As much as I hate the institutionalized version of art – teaching what is right and wrong, etc. – I am pushing myself to get my BA to learn, view and meet as many other creatives as I can to grow as an artist myself. Fame and fortune is not what I am striving for either but rather inspiring others, to show them beauty they can connect with on a deeper level of understanding. I am an artist in every way and any one who knows me personally can see that immediately in my “wild” creative behavior. I have been involved in only a few art galleries so far but cannot wait to share my art with many more. So far I live in Reno, NV but have traveled my whole life, culture is extremely important to me and I plan to visit all corners of the world. I love people, eccentric at heart, and wild in living. Through my many experiences in the mere past 20 years of I believe my art portrays something unique with goals of reaching other people on a deeper level.

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