Nick Higman


I’m Nick Higman and I spend most of my days looking at life through my camera lens or chasing a mischievous toddler around. Actually, I have the most fun when I am taking pictures of the mischievous toddler in action! Of course I am talking about my wonderful daughter Reese.It seems that parenting and photography have a lot in common, there are never 2 days the same.I grew up in Northern Nevada and will always consider Reno home. I have been photographing professionally for 15 years and was lucky enough to learn from some of the best photographers along the way. I enjoy interacting with my clients and getting them to genuinely laugh during our photoshoots. Not only does it make your photos more authentic, but it makes my day more interesting and fun.Overall, I’m still a kid at heart who is lucky enough to spend my days playing with my vivacious daughter or photographing you!

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