New Wave Crave

New Wave CraveNew Wave Crave is the high-energy 80’s tribute band that’s more 80’s than 1980! Bring the generations together to sweat the dance floor with popular songs by The Cure, U2, Billy Idol, Duran Duran, David Bowie + plenty more! Scalable lineup with up to six performers– fill any size stage! Enough excellent live music to play up to a six hour engagement.
This band is punctual, funny and easy to work with. Specializing in igniting a crowd for an event they will talk about for years to come. Perfect for casinos, retro costume and holiday parties, reunions, weddings, corporate engagements, nightclubs and concerts.
Who is this retro music group and where did they get those awesome 80’s costumes?! Clean-cut front man Justin just stepped out of a time machine. At 33 years old, his passion for 80’s new wave music started when he raided his uncle’s record collection– and he’s still at it. His appreciation for detail shines through as he recaptures vocal and guitar nuances resulting in passionate performances that leave audiences spellbound.New Wave Crave
Damian plays a Steinberger bass. Yes, the one that looks like a black boat oar that’s the equivalent to an 80’s key-tar. He’s thrilled to feel the songs of his boyhood emanating through his fingers as he leaps around the stage, taking breaks between songs to entertain the crowd with 80’s movie voice impressions the likes of Ronald Regan, Jack Nicholson and Christopher Walken.
Silas the drummer is never too loud and never too soft. He’s… just right! With a vocal range his band mates can’t touch, he’s steady as the romance plot in a John Hughes movie. Dancers that don’t know why they love this band love Silas.

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