Mykal Oranges

My name is Mykal Oranges and I’m a pianist, teacher and composer with an active music studio in Sparks, NV. I believe we all have an inner song. My job is to inspire you to sing it. I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember and have over 20 years teaching experience. I would rather inspire than instruct, but with every achievement knowledge is crucial. Whatever your goals and abilities, you have something special to offer the music world. My goal is to turn each student into a musician, not just a pianist.
The only thing better than teaching music is writing music. I love that music is ever changing, every composition has it’s own unique DNA. As with life, music has no end to the combination’s and possibilities. I write to express the inexpressible.
I have been an active member of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) for 15 years and work closely with our local chapter, the Northern Nevada Music Teachers Association (NNMTA). As a member my students reap the benefit of many recitals, festivals, master classes, local and national competition opportunities every year. For some students this is an excellent opportunity to have their musical achievements recognized with awards and to help further their musical expertise.
As a mother of a son with Aspergers and a teacher of many wonderful children with autism, I am committed to the work and study of music therapy. Children with autism have so much to offer the music world, and unlocking that gift is something I am deeply passionate about. One of my original compositions has been played at many autism benefits. Please listen to it at Mykeys Pieces. Autism speaks, listen.

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