Monique Jade Band


The Monique Jade Band is a collaboration of Reno music scene veterans. The six members of the band combined have been in over 20 bands over the past 15+ years. This particular band formation came together two years ago in a serendipitous fashion. It all just fell together after Monique’s former band The Derailment disbanded. The MJB includes three original members of The Derailment; Monique Jade, Kent Miura and Todd South, along with the rhythm section wonder-duo Jason Hodge and Dwayne Carrol. Completing the line-up with his blue-grass deliciousness is Joseph Martini.
MJB writes and performs original music. To describe their sound is to imagine a combination of upbeat Acoustic Pop, Rock, and Americana with a pinch of bluegrass for flavor. Monique has coined the term Ameri-Pop-Rock-Blugrass fusion. Our fans are 30+ music loving adults looking for a fun time out. We purposely select all age shows like festivals and outdoor events so the kids can come too.

Monique Jade – Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele
Todd South – Guitar, Vocals, Keys
Dwayne Carrol – Bass
Kent Miura – Percussion, Ukulele
Joseph Martini – Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
Jason Hodge – Drums


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