Miki Rae


Miki Rae. Yes, that’s me. I am a 15 year old singer-songwriter. I have been playing guitar and writing music for about 10 years and I can honestly say that music has become who I am- mind, heart, and soul. My goal for my song writing is to make it relatable and enjoyable for anyone and everyone. I aspire to touch the listeners of my music, be a leader, and make a difference in this crazy world we live in. My lyrics consist of the many feelings of love, the troubles of the youth, and the idea of hope. One could call me a folk-pop, pop-rock, or an alternative pop musician. My music varies from being emotionally uplifting to being fresh and youthful. One of the venues I’ve played at is the Wild River Grille, a staple for the local singer-songwriter community in Reno, NV. I’ve also played my music for the Austin Palooza festival at TJ’s Corral as well as other various venues in the Reno-Tahoe area. I’ve also had the opportunity to have my music played on the radio from 100.1 the X.

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