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David Lorenz and his wife Shannon are proud to carry on the tradition of Michael & Son’s Jewelry that began as a project of love between David’s parents, Michael and Mary Lorenz. Family remains at the core of this Nevada favorite. David’s sister Karen and his daughter Erica are important members of this dynamic team. When you visit their store you find this 3rd generation jewelry to casual and relaxed, but passionate as well.The retro-urban look of Michael and Son’s sets the stage for inspiration and creativity. When you work with the team at Michael and Son’s you are a member of the team. Part of the process. A true partner, not just a customer. Michael & Son’s is not simply a local business. It is a proud member of the community. The entire community as is demonstrated in merchandise we sell and the charities we support. When you browse the showcases of their amazing new store, you will find Native American Art and jewelry. The team boasts multiple graduates of the University of Nevada, so of course you will see officially licensed Wolf Pack Jewelry designed by David and his team. When David and Shannon speak of “Family”, they speak to the greater sense of community. They live by the motto that “You can’t always be a taker. You must be a giver too”. It is in this spirit that they support the Northern Nevada Food Bank, Catholic Community Services, the Spanish Springs Elementary School and the Evelyn Mount Food bank. The Lorenz family doesn’t just raise money they give of themselves personally. Once we helped to raise money for the food bank, and the Lorenz personally helped deliver the Thanksgiving meals.Does one of your favorite pieces of jewelry need a little tender loving care? Not a problem. Visit Michael and Son’s “Exhibition Kitchen”. This is where the magic happens. Allow the Master Craftsmen of Michael and Son’s to restore your jewelry to its original glory.

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