Marianne Bartley


There was a time in my life,when I simply could not comprehend how an artist could invest so much energy and loveinto creating a sand castle…or an ice sculpture…or a face painting, just to have it washed away. It seemed to me that art should be…resilient… should last as an enduring tribute to the effort and creativity of the artist who put heart and soul into creating something unique and beautiful. But life has taught me that beauty isn’t about time or longevity. It is ultimately about the moment. When I chose to become a face and body artist,…I found that moment, that singular moment, after a child has trusted me to use their precious little face as my living canvas. There is one infinitely perfect moment when they look into the mirror, contemplating what I have created, …and they smile. It is not the smile you get when you are taking their photograph…it is not rehearsed, not summoned…That smile is spontaneous and comes from the heart.
That smile is my reward and is precisely why I do what I do.

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