Margret’s Funk Band

Old School fumk band that plays timeless classic from the 70’s to current fan favorites such as Bruno Mars. We offer live shows that engage the audience with Vivacious Energy, Stellar Vocals and the Ability to turn your evening into a night that brings back fond memories.
Margret Wrights
Margret started singing gospel at 5 years old with brothers Jaeson and McArthur. Her mother, Beverly Butler, was instrumental in developing her talent. She belongs to a family gospel group The Heavenly Ambassadors later known as Four With God. Margret has been in local R&B bands and in August, 2018 started Margret’s Funk Band in honor of her late brother Mac. MFB is not just a show, but an experience created in part by the amazing voice of this artist.
Paulette Carthen Porter
Paulette moved to Reno at the age of 9 from Oklahoma. After high school, she moved to Los Angeles where she sang with The Doodletown Pipers, Strutt and toured with Mac Davis for 14 years. In 1989, she moved back to Reno where she helped with a gospel music drama called Make Up Your Mind spreading the good news about Jesus. Paulette is also a member of The Heavenly Ambassadors later known as 4 with God. Paulette enjoys cooking and was the executive cook at the Boys and Girls Club of Truckee Meadows.
Jaeson Carthen
Jaeson started performing at age 5. His first group was known as the Sunshine Band with his sister Margret Wrights and brother, Mac Wrights. He sang lead and back ground vocals with the Reno Breakers El dorado. Jaeson was involved with the Heavenly Ambassadors touring Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Alberta, Canada. He has performed with A Night with the Stars, Motown Sound and Kool Fire. His unique style and vocals adds such flavor to Margret’s Funk Band.
Dee Monier
An American old school funk and soul drummer, singer, songwriter and choreographer. His passion for music began at the young age of 5 years old in his hometown of San Bernardino, CA where he was introduced to his first drum set. Monier has performed with numerous live acts such as Little Richard, Janet Jackson, Raja Nee and performed on BET’s Soul Train. Dee is the band leader of Margret’s Funk Band.
Brady Carthen
Growing up in a family of 9, 5 brothers and 4 sisters all with amazing musical talent including his parents. Brady wanted to be different and taught himself how to play lead guitar first then bass. Brady started at played at age 15 in church playing gospel. He also traveled with family as a gospel group. Brady has played with Jelly Bread and 2 other local R&B bands. Brady is honored and feels privileged to play with Margrets Funk Band!
Kevin Russel
With a wide range of tones in his arsenal, Kevin brings a classic soul vibe to the affair. A session guitarist with 15 years experience on and off the road. Playing in working bands across multiple genres ranging from pop to rock to reggae. Played for acts like: Soule/Rock powerhouse “jellybread”; Reggae/Pop singer “J Ras and Higher Elevation”; Pop/Funk sensation “Saoul and the Sway; Goove/Hiphop “Bethel Elijah & Cosmosis.
Joe Pilloud
Smokin Joe Pilloud has been a recording and performing musician since age 13. Smoking Joe has performed many different styles of music including Rock, Jazz, R&B, Soul and Country. As a young musician he could be found gigging around the Southern California scene with various bands and performing as a soloist.He has managed, played guitar and keyboard, sang lead and wrote for Big Daddy’s Blues Band for 28 years before moving to Reno. He produced, recorded and co-wrote 4 Cd’s with the Big Daddy’s during that time.
Over the years Big Daddy’s Blues Band performed as an opening act for a wide variety of blues and jazz artist’s including Jimmy Witherspoon, Honey boy Edwards, Cash McCall, Carey Bell, Red Holloway, Howlin Wolf, Debbie Davis, Tom Scott, John Mayall, James Cotton, Ron Thompson and the Resistors, John Nemeth and Junior Watson.

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