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Lunar Nova Artistry is a name meant to encompass all that the artist, TnT Ross can do, and has done.
TnT Ross, born Christina Ross, has always been a creative type. Drawing, singing, and acting from an early age, if it’s of the artistic genre, TnT Ross has probably done it, wants to do it, or can at least appreciate it. She’s done metal work and welding, set painting for theater productions, lighting and sound design for plays and musicals, performed in musicals and plays herself, and is even a member of a local singing group called The Bards of Avalon. But her strongest talents have always been traditional art; drawing, sketching, painting, and sculpture. She finds solace and purpose in as she calls it, “squishing paint around,” and pencil drawings.
Also playing with make-up from a young age has allowed her to become a self taught make-up artist, applying classic painting techniques to make-up application. From glamorous, to wild, she’s skilled in many different degrees of make-up. Though at this time, her experience with prosthetic appliances and special effects make-up is in it’s infancy, she one day aspires to be well practiced in all make-up effect techniques like the talented artists on the popular Sy-Fy channel show “Face Off.”
TnT’s venture into jewelery making came somewhat suddenly when she was greatly inspired by the works of Eyescream Jewelery (of which she highly recommends you check them out) and the Steampunk aesthetic. Starting with scraps of wire and bits of old clocks, she has grown into a unique jeweler with a specialty in tiaras and diadems for ritual wear. Partnering with a local metaphysical and gift shop, The Pathway’s Spirit, she sells her pieces and art on consignment and also works there part time as a diviner and shopkeep. The store itself is supported and owned by her close friends and family, and TnT Ross is honored to be among the artists featured within it’s walls.
She creates because it’s what’s in her, and she has to get it out or else she’ll go BOOM *sparkle, sparkle* (a little joke her friends say is exactly what happens when her creativity is allowed to run rampant.) Even if there was no money from it, she’d still be making and crafting and painting. Her idea behind becoming a selling artist is, “well, it’s gonna start piling up if I don’t get rid of it somehow, might as well see if people want to buy it!” Sales and interest in what she does proves that people do, and she is greatly honored and humbled by this fact.
TnT Ross was born and raised in Northern Nevada, and currently resides in Reno with her loving boyfriend and precocious black cat.



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