The full LIZANO lineup, comprised of guitarist/vocalist Jay Hatchett, guitarist Sal Greco, bassist Evan Stokes and drummer Mike Lopez was formed in the Reno/Tahoe, NV area during fall of 2015.
The origins of LIZANO however trace back to spring of 2013 when Jay traveled north from Costa Rica and met fellow bandmate now lifelong friend, Sal at the Naked Tiger Hostel in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.
Today the band focuses its time on writing and performing original music they like to call.
This original sound transformed from its original roots of covering bands like Pepper, Sublime and The Expendables while touring Central America, until they blended with funk, jazz and rock influences here stateside.
The struggles of spreading music on the road are real, but being able to reach people in the most meaningful way they know how to, LIZANO is dedicated to bringing its high energy act and positive message everywhere they can.

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