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As a freelance short-term marketing specialist, I can help your business grow in good times and when it is bad times, help scale programs to continue selling. No overhead, paying just for the short-term project, specializing on demand, and hiring by expertise are just a few benefits we can discuss. Targeting the area of concern, developing, and implementing a plan, and getting results can be done in days. When I got my degree in Business Administration/Marketing several decades ago; sales, promotions, advertising, product development, pricing, and location management where all integral parts of marketing. Success was determined by the willingness to do those things unsuccessful people were unable or unwilling to do. Some of the reason’s companies need my services: they are opening new territories, hiring new people, expanding markets, and introducing new products. By doing strategic opportunities and threats analysis, test marketing, product life cycle analysis, competitive matrix analysis, along with cold calling and client relationship management; a good marketing plan is developed. Along with the plan I can create materials for webpages, product packaging, advertising, and promotions. I am an Art Dealer for several artists and feature their work on my website where selection and pricing are very accommodating to the buyer. Also, we do four seasonal catalogs which will be published in May, August, November, and February. Photo Art Collections representing the colors of light: red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, magenta, and black with a new color seven times a year. All catalogs, collections and newsletters are available for free download. In addition, we are doing custom artwork and promotions. Over the past couple of years my art has been exhibiting in galleries, online and at events. I started selling to commercial clients, dealers, brokers, art consultants and designers over the past two years. These “For the Trade’s” deals and offerings are designed to specific needs of Interior Designers and Media Companies for their clientele.

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