Kyle Nidiffer


Kyle began playing music professionally in 1978, and began recording in 1981. Recording has always been a passion. In 1983 he started the band Bogus, playing guitar. In 1985 he picked up a bass, and never looked back. He played bass in several projects, until he met Terry Benier. In 1992 they recorded a CD that was entitled simply Benyay. It had some moderate success. That band broke up, and in 2011 Kyle joined forces with Terry again. This time it was in a band called Outlaw Serenade. That band produced 2 CD’s Beyond Temptation, and Outlaw Serenade II. Meanwhile, in 2013 Kyle tried his hand at rap/funk with Thank God I’m a Country Boyee, a John Denver song that had been running through his mind that it would be good in that genre. In 2016 Kyle left Outlaw Serenade and in currently working on a new solo CD. it will include some VERY special guest appearances. It will include songs that influenced him, and some brand new songs

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