Kortney Beth

Kortney Beth is an award winning artist in Reno, Nevada. Her creative body of work includes original paintings, sculptures, mixed media, and extends into graphic design. She has received a formal education at Western Nevada College and Pacific North West College of Art where she honed her craft. She has designed many unique works of art and tailored each piece to the specific needs of the individual or company.
Growing up with an artistic family, she has been exposed to the arts for as long as she can remember. Influenced at an early age by the beauty and serene expansive nature of the high desert and Sierras, she is able to see past the barren landscape and find the beauty of a desolate object that nature has passed over transforming it into a piece of beauty. Her artistic wonder was shaped by the elegance of dance, music, and performing arts that she experienced as a youth. With a unique eye for color, she creates energetic works of art. Her current creative body of work includes paintings and mixed media sculpture. Inspired from the energy of the living world she creates timeless works of art.
Kortney has received a formal education at Western Nevada College and Pacific Northwest College of Art where she explored many different Shubhpujamediums, such as, time arts, printmaking, and graphic design. Being open to different art forms has given Kortney a broad perspective on the arts allowing her to mix different art forms together to create new styles and unique works of art. She has designed many works of art and has sold or donated over 200 originals, with her first painting sold at age 13.

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