Jonathan Farber

Jonathan Farber grew up in Los Angeles before making Northern Nevada his home. In his early twenties, he attended the University of Nevada – Reno, earning a dual bachelor’s degree in Spanish and sculpture in 2006, and a bachelor’s of fine arts in studio art in 2009. He then moved to Indianapolis, to work on his masters of fine arts in public sculpture at Indiana/Purdue University, but was subsequently forced to drop out and returned home due to a family member’s illness.
Upon returning to Reno, he found his second calling as a registered nurse. Currently, Jonathan is working in a cardiac intensive care unit, which subsidizes his art habit, and allows him to actively make new artwork for exhibitions across the country.
For the past four years, he’s focused on drawing in a unique style using either Copic or Sharpie markers on a medium to large scale. His artistic style is based on meditation and the theme of infinity. Each ink line he produced on paper is made to represent one thought, one breath, and letting go, in order to remain present in life.
Jonathan applies his artistic style to subject matters that interest him. Currently, he is focusing on abstract subjects, anatomy and physiology, and cartography.

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