Johnny Harpo


Johnny Harpo is an american singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist, producer and best known as the singer and guitarist of post modern alternative rock band Rigorous Proof. Originally from Reno, Nevada he rose to prominence as the lead guitarist of experimental rock band Groove Box Replica as well as the singer and guitarist of indie rock band The Madorians where he would later meet the other three founding members of Rigorous Proof (Adam “Lando” Landis, Wesley Forster and Jesse Gaddis). Through the nearly 7 years in Rigorous Proof, Johnny honed in his lyrical style and guitar playing to become what some have called “Ray Davis poured into Syd Barret’s paisley shirt, amplified through David Gilmour’s strat and compounded by an affinity for James Brown’s dancing”. His songwriting as of recently has switched focus from adolescent heartbreak themes and stream of consciousness word play to prose, satire and sardonic lyrics about modern life, love and learning to love the futility of modern existence. When he is not playing with Rigorous Proof he plays solo acoustically as Johnny Harpo where he is known to to play popular favorites and obscurities from famous artists in his distinct wide range vocals. He is currently in pre-production for his first solo record and gearing up for a European and North American tour supporting 2018’s forthcoming Rigorous Proof record, “Post Modern Apocalypse Blues”.

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