Joe C. Rock

Operation Smile

Joe C. Rock is a self taught artist, born in Stockton, Ca. on February 28th, 1985. As a child Joe was always into drawing and coloring , a pen and paper wasn’t far away at any moment an affordable, creative way to keep a kid occupied. Joe spent his youth in Stockton with his Mother, Sister and Cousins until moving with his mother to Reno, NV around 1993. Joe and his Mother moved in with his Aunt and older Cousin who guided Joe into the ways of graffiti, as time passed a love for comics and tracing them turned into a talent for illustration. Dabbling in different arts throughout high school Joe learned to appreciate and gained interest in all forms of art but graffiti was always the front runner and helped form life long friends and fellow artists. A passion for Skateboarding took Joe through the latter years of school and beyond, pushing him into a love for pop culture, travel, and influences he might not have gotten any other way. From that point on Joe C. has continued to create and challenge himself artistically ,in the last few years his primary focus has been on mural work and fine portraiture, yet he still keeps to his roots combining graffiti and illustration with his newly found talents.

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