Jennifer Charboneau


An ambitious creative with roots in Minneapolis, Jennifer Charboneau completed her Fine Arts degree in 2008 and traveled to 21 different countries living as a nomadic artist for over 10 years. The creative energy in Reno-Tahoe, the expansive landscapes to explore, and events like Burning Man, have inspired her to make Reno home while not on the road. Charboneau’s creative process begins from obsessive observation of all the diverse places she finds herself exploring. What begins as chaotic pen sketches and captured moments in prose, later become refined instinctual abstractions of form and movement. These ‘Visual Philosophies’ enlighten the eye with bold chaotic brushstrokes while an intentional vagueness of form and space allows the subjective experience to be relative to all. Some muses that influence Charboneau’s artwork across all borders are: impressionism. expressionism. street art. nature. philosophy. jazz. haiku & prose poetry. and people watching social anthropology. She is a visual philosopher who is out to absorb all that this life has to show… then spit it out onto canvas and paper as chaotically and yet beautifully as it was first observed.

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