Holly Marie Bethers


I’m always on the lookout for new and artistic formats to creatively define who I am. I have found that photography is a medium in which I can expand this aspiration. I have always been interested in photography and dabbled at it over the years, but discovered just how much I love this art when I made the decision to take a beginner’s course, and make Fine Art – Photography my Bachelor’s Degree. Later i’m going for my Master’s Degree in Art to be an Art Professor. As of now, I am a professional photographer doing paid/trade shoots and events. My experience in front of the camera as a model has inspired imagination behind the lens. I am filled with creative spontaneous ideas, and strive to learn something new every day. Eager to push the limit in my journey through life, Photography and my other forms of Art (sculpture, painting, Performance Art, and Video) all are exciting outlets that have given me complete freedom to express myself.

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