Harry Callahan


Harry was raised in the meadows of South Reno, in a ghostown named Galena, on his Father’s Ranch. He was exposed to music at a young age, standing around the piano absorbing everything his mother would play. When Harry was 19, he formed a trio with his older brother’s step sons, and played for various community dances and family get togethers. He went from that to playing as a single for ski areas and restaurants in the Lake Tahoe area for a few years . Harry later moved to LA in the 60s where he quickly made a name for himself and signed with LHI records( Lee Hazelwood) and had the first hit with “Angel of the Morning” in 1968 under the name “Danny Michaels.” This afforded Harry the opportunity to showcase his act as a solo artist and with backing bands all over LA, and eventually Hawaii and the Northwest.
Not one to rest on his laurels, Harry decided to further his development as an artist and decided to give film a try. His first break came when he landed a part in the Blake Edward’s production “The Wild Rovers” starring William Holden, Ryan O’neal & Karl Malden. Now Harry is probably best known today as Captain Newman from the HBO Series “Deadwood.”
Harry’s latest creative effort has culminated in his latest musical release, a CD titled “God & His Dog,” which is also the title cut from the album.

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