Dave Kim

I am an electric violinist and DJ that grew up in the “biggest little city in the world”, Reno, NV. It was a challenging environment to grow up especially as a classically trained violinist. I did not like playing the violin or piano but I did not have a choice. I wanted to be normal and ride bikes, play sports and skateboard like everyone else. I actually recently met my childhood hero, Tony Hawk. He told me that he used to play the violin but stopped to skate. Interesting enough, I stopped skating to play the violin.
Learning an instrument takes practice, and practice takes discipline. I have met so many people who used to play an instrument but quit at some point. Many people do not have the luxury to take private lessons or have the resources to afford an instrument and I was included in this statistic.
My parents let me quit taking piano to play ice hockey in the fifth grade. It was one of the coolest things ever! No pun intended. Unfortunately, the ice rink shut down soon afterwards and that was the end of that.
In high school I bought my first guitar. I was introduced to chord structures, tabs and girls. I was motivated to learn songs that girls liked. Learning the guitar did not come easy physically but mentally, it was a walk in the park. I began to bridge the gap between the guitar, piano and the violin through music theory. This new discovery made me want to learn more and more but the most compelling factor was that it was music that I wanted to play. I NEVER QUIT!
I moved to the Bay Area in 1999 during the first dot com boom. Music became a hobby as I had a career in advertising sales and online marketing. I purchased a five string electric violin and toured with a band. I was fortunate to share large and small stages across the country with the likes of Hootie and the Blowfish, Third Eye Blind, Dishwalla, Everclear, and Marcy Playground, to name a few. Eventually I began performing in the dance clubs collaborating with some of the biggest deejays in the world (Diplo, Kaskade, DJ AM etc). Dave was featured on Oprah’s The Life You Want to Live and Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge on Necker Island. Now I perform all over the world as a full time musician and DJ. I have performed in over 500 weddings and corporate events and help create fun environments that make other people want to dance!

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