I am CariAnne. I have a passion for photography and specifically, for photographing families. Why? Because Photography Stops Time. Ten years ago, I was blessed with a miracle. Told that I had a medical “issue” that prevented me from having children, I thought the possibility of a child was not in my future. God brought a doctor into my life who knew the steps to take and my miracle happened. I became pregnant with the most beautiful child ever born (I may be a LITTLE biased, but just a little). But then something happened…..I woke up one day and my beautiful baby princess was a beautiful 10 year old princess, with a lot of sass I may add đŸ™‚
Ten years had already passed in the blink of an eye. I cherish each memory of my daughter throughout the past ten years. Kids change so much during the years. That is why I love what I do….Because Photography Stops Time.
When I am not doing photography, I love going to the ocean. The ocean soothes my soul and brings me a peace that is beyond understanding. I love nature and photographing the beauty God has given us in this world. Along with my beautiful daughter, I have an amazing step-son and am lucky enough to have the best husband ever.

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