Becky Miller


My goal as an artist is to inspire in the viewer a deeper appreciation and respect for all living things. In my personal quest to call attention to the beauty to be found in everyday subject matter, I particularly enjoy producing artwork that incorporates non-traditional subject matter or angles of view. My current work focuses on images of kelp, tidepools, sea life, local farm animals, wildlife, and local landscapes, emphasizing the underlying organic abstract design and movement.
I have often been asked why I choose to paint “odd subjects.” I decided a long time ago that there were more than enough artists painting pretty pictures that matched people’s couches. I want to open people’s eyes, not just give them a pretty decoration for their home. The subjects I choose benefit even people who come through the gallery but can’t afford to buy my work because when they see, for instance, how pretty kelp is or how full of personality a farm animal is, it changes the way they look at the world. They start seeing more beauty in everything around them and respecting all life, so it’s a lasting benefit in their lives even though they don’t own the artwork. I believe my talent is a gift that was intended to be used to make the world a better place. So I try to do that with every single piece of artwork that I create.
My artwork includes oil paintings, pen & ink drawings, both black & white and watercolor paintings, and watercolor and pen & ink combination paintings.

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