Altered Ego


Armed with expressly different abilities, powerful lyrics and beautiful harmonies, Lacy Webb & Christy Lynn will romance you from the first note and have you hoping for a second date! On a stormy night in 2012 at the infamous Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor in Reno, NV during an open mic event, Lacy ran out of gas and ran into the angelic voice of Christy Lynn. Not yet understanding the true implications of this meeting, Lacy jumped up on stage during Christy’s rendition of Red Hot Chilli Peppers’, Otherside. The magic was immediately apparent as beautiful harmonies began to emerge virtually out of nowhere. Practices began the next day and have continued nearly every day since, resulting in nearly 20 collective pieces in less than a year with many more on the way. Together as Altered Ego, Lacy and Christy have played locally at The Underground for Made in Reno, Loud as Folk at The Alley and were featured in an artists’ showcase event at Walden’s Cofeehouse as well as playing many open mic events locally. In the near future Altered Ego has plans to return to San Francisco, California to continue working in the studio on tracks for an upcoming film (release date pending).

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